About Us

Our consulting firm is part of the Movyl group of companies (which include Movyl Technologies, developer of an AI powered SaaS platform for social media automation, and Movyl Entertainment, an innovative publisher of media, apps and games.)

Our consulting team is comprised of a mix of digital strategists, AI researchers / practitioners, and engineers with experience in areas such as:

  • conversation support and bot development (e.g. chat bots and virtual agents)

  • knowledge discovery and information extraction (e.g. trend monitoring, data classification and predictions, etc.)

  • vision / visual recognition (image classification and information extraction from images and video)

  • language analysis and interpretation (e.g. interpret and classify natural language in text and documents)

  • structured information collection and classification from databases, web, and public / proprietary corpora (e.g. web pages, public and corporate databases, etc.)

  • empathy and relationship analysis (e.g. tone and sentiment analysis, social interaction / relationship analysis, etc.)

  • spatial and numerical analysis (e.g. geographic information, etc.)

The areas above cover industries and applications that range from security to health, marketing, IoT, real estate, and much more.

Our proprietary tools match the best in the industry, and thanks to our group synergies we are able to provide planning, strategy, data management, and development of custom solutions where needed.

We are a truly international company with talent from 12 countries and bases of operation in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ontario Canada, and Orange County California.

Learn more about our technology and capabilities by downloading our 2019 AI Capabilities Overview: