San Francisco Deep Learning Summit 2018

On January 25-26, Re•Work held the annual Deep Learning summit in San Francisco, with 60 speakers from big and small players in the sector.

The key takeaways include the need for focus on data, not just algorithms in AI projects; the spread of AI/ML projects to non-typical sectors, like fashion and beauty; and the growing emphasis on organization-wide, comprehensive AI “full tech stacks” that include infrastructure, talent, organization design, skill sets, investments, and more.

We do believe — and expect — that AI-first organizations (like mobile-first ones ten years ago) will need to rethink how business is conducted, what goals are emphasized and strategies adopted. AI is a full technological and cultural shift, not just a new (albeit cool) tool to use in better ad targeting.

Find good overviews of the Re•Work event here and here.

Giancarlo Mori