AI and Business Strategy

There is a lot of hype surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) these days. Expectations for AI are sky-high, but the gap between ambition and execution is large at most companies.

That is why I have created a digital AI strategy group at Movyl to help small, medium and large companies acquire the knowledge and tools needed to integrate and execute AI in their strategy roadmap.

Some key facts about AI and business:

  • Three-quarters of executives believe AI will enable their companies to move into new businesses.

  • Almost 85% believe AI will allow their companies to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage. But only about 1 in 5 companies has incorporated AI in some practical way.

  • Only 1 in 20 companies has extensively incorporated AI in some offering or process.

  • Very large companies (> 100,000 employees) are most likely to have an AI strategy, but in reality only half have one. 

  • Critical implementation challenges range from accessing and creating architectures for critical data to hiring AI talent

Our team is comprised of digital transformation, business strategy, and AI experts from industry and academia, and work in the US and Canada to accelerate AI adoption in medium to large companies in a number of sectors.

We’d appreciate any introductions to executives in your network that might be ready to take concrete steps toward integrating AI in their organizations, and of course would love to talk directly if you have an interest in learning more.

AI & BusinessGiancarlo Mori