The Business of AI - HBR

As with all new technologies (things in life) we all experience sometimes a lack of clarity about their real work applications. We can all quote a few classic examples of AI solutions (spam detection, image analysis, self-driving cars) but often miss the broad, far-reaching scope of AI/ML techniques. Basically, if you have enough data and a clear problem to solve or opportunity to tackle there’s and AI solution for that.

A new report from the Harvard Business Review attempts to paint a broad picture of the state of AI, from deeply funny (chihuahua vs. muffins recognition) to very corporate (JPMorgan Chase system to review commercial loan contracts) and anything in between.

On the right is a good chart from the article about applications of supervised learning applications that paints a compelling picture of the variety of problems that can be attacked with AI today.

Note: these are just some examples. The variety of projects that can be tackled is endless.

AI & BusinessGiancarlo Mori